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‘TheNailArtandBeautyDiaries.Wordpress.com’ is now ‘NailArtandBeauty.com’!!

Hi Friends, I have been hibernating for a long time now 😛 . But I was not idle, I was working on something 🙂 🙂 .It has been an year I have been blogging at The NailArt and Beauty Diaries (https://thenailartandbeautydiaries.wordpress.com/) and finally I take the next step :).

It is because of your immense love in form of likes, comments and emails that I decided to upgrade the blog and hence your reading experience. I am happy to inform you that I have decided to move to my own self hosted website. Also, I went ahead and dropped the ‘The’, ‘Diaries’ and ‘WordPress.com’, so now our new blogs name is NailArt and Beauty (http://nailartandbeauty.com/) 🙂 🙂 . Isn’t it shorter and simpler 🙂

celebrate 2

I have moved all my posts and comments to  NailArt and Beauty (http://nailartandbeauty.com/) ,so that you don’t miss a thing. I will be turning on the redirect in a while, so that all the links ( from social media, other blogs or google search etc) pointing towards ‘The NailArt and Beauty Diaries’ get automatically redirected to my new blog  ‘NailArt and Beauty’ (http://nailartandbeauty.com/). So practically you wont feel any pinch or difference except a better reading experience and easier link :).

Celebrate 1

Wodpress is moving all the followers to my new blog.So, now all the email subscribers would get new post info email from  ‘NailArt and Beauty’ and all the ‘WordPress Reader’ followers should get it from ‘NailArt and Beauty’ in Reader. All the notifications will be from the new blog. Please do not panicked that my blog has been hijacked 😛 😛 . Its me!!!! 🙂 🙂

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Shopping Experience With Jabong.com

Hello Readers, when the whole world is going “Online” , how can be shopping be left behind?? I am a shopoholic like any other girl (may be a little more 😛 ) but somehow I have not been enough exposed to indian online shopping industry much. I am too busy shopping international for my nail paints which are not available in India 😛 😛

Better late than never, I finally shopped from ‘Jabong‘. Jabong is one of the leading online portals for shopping in India. There are always loads of offers running on Jabong. It is delightful to cash on one 🙂 .

Jabong Offers

I did a very tini-mini hauls (considering my massive appetite for shopping ) from Jabong and following was my experience :

There is huge variety and plethora of options to shop. The screen is setup neat and filters (which is v important to select only relevant products) are very well defined.

The ‘Quick View’ option for each product made it very easy to dive a little deeper into product without having to open to a new tab/window.

Jabong Quick View

On clicking ‘Quick View’ following level of information floats up.

Jabong Quick View Window

However, I was very confused in the beginning about the shipping policy of Jabong. It seems that there is no absolute amount like above Rs.500 or something. For some items it was free shipping if total order crossed Rs 500 but for others it didn’t. I managed to make a small haul eligible for free shipping. I am still not sure about shipping policy from Jabong. It didn’t have to be a rocket science 😦 . It is difficult to keep a tab on the permutation combination to get a free shipping.

Jabong Shipping

I wanted to opt for COD for which an additional Rs 39 was to my bill. I wasn’t expecting this , I thought it was free 😦 .  I didn’t want to pay extra so I changed by billing option.

Jabong Payment

And now finally my haul 🙂 🙂 I ordered Konad Double Sided Stamper, Vedic Line Healing Gel and VLCC Gold Peel Off Mask.

Jabong Haul

Each item was bubble wrapped for safety. I liked that they took this care for even non-fragile items.

Jabong Haul Packaging

And finally, a small ‘Jabong card’ to tell what Jabong means.

What is Jabong

Overall, it was extremely prompt, seamless and responsive. You wont believe they update you about every activity related to your item. Really, I have not felt half “Aware” about whats happening to the order from SA to billing counter , as much I had been with this order. They messaged and emailed at each stage which really didn’t leave me wondering about my products for once.

To sum up, I had a smooth, glitch free and pleasant shopping experience with Jabong.com .

PS : Jabong provided me shopping voucher for the purchase but my review is honest.


Grumpy Cat Nail Art

I am going to share an ancient nail art I did long back. I dont know why I missed sharing it 😦 😦 . My brother is a big fan of Grumpy Cat. And he has shared so many hilarious Grumpy Cat jokes with me , that now I also enjoy it whole heartedly 🙂 . Intially I did only the cat but then the trade mark ‘No’ of the cat was missing.

Grumpy Cat Nail Art

So me, my sis and my brother were sharing some Grumpy Cat jokes on whatsapp and sharing laughs. My brother suddenly asked me why dont I do a grumpy cat nail art?? And I didn’t see a reason why did not do it yet 😛 😛 . Since this request came from my little brother (not literally little because he is 21 but he is youngest so he will always stay ‘little’ for us) 🙂 , I had to do it.

Grumpy Cat Nail Art

Anyways I did this free hand nail art in a fun mood. I am not good at making faces and precison may be. But I attemped this nail art just with the correct spirit (although the face of grumpy cat may not be correct 😛 ). And the No! written on nails is just what grumpy cat always has a ready answer to all questions n situations.

I hope you like it and hope you don’t make a grumpy face at my grumpy cat 😛

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Envious Neon Green with Stamping on White Nail Art

I am here with a neon nail art, just wanted to make some head turns 😛 😛 . I had been keeping nails unpolished and dull for long. Obviously I had come to back with a bang and  neon matte was a perfect tool for the bang.

Envious Neon Green with Stamping on White Nail Art

But it was looking much more neony than I wanted it to be. I wanted to break the neon monotony so I painted my accent finger white. The color scheme looked more balanced now and not entirely greeny and neony. I wanted a decent contrast to pull down the drama from neon. And white did a fair job. I wanted to get some serious colors with fun neon on my nails. Like you know naughty and desciplined at the same time. I used the Faces Neon Matte ‘Greed’and Faces ‘White O White’ .

Envious Neon Green with Stamping on White Nail Art

So I decided to stamp with Konad Balck using Plate No 72. I did use a matte top coat on white to get a coherent finish. Also, I used faces Neon Matte ‘Greed to draw studs like dots on the accent nail to make it look like related and the connection seemless. I have never liked random patterns but for the kind final look and feel I wanted, this pattern made sense. I did not want any girlie or cutie stuff, just very straky jumbled pattern. I am new to stamping but this stamping was so random and erractic that I didnot fear for miss of precision. It was easier to hide my shaky hands with this pattern.

Envious Neon Green with Stamping on White Nail Art

Envious Neon Green with Stamping on White Nail Art

I liked the end result and the complexity. It is fun yet steardy. It is wild yet decent and cluttered yet sorted. I hope my feelings about the nail art makes some sense to you. I have never mixed such contrast shades earlier, and I a glad I tried it atleast. How do you feel about this nail art? Did you enjoy it?


Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mint Sorbet Nail Polish Review

I have been always a fan of mint color and pastel shades. Ohh, my heart melts seeing pastels till date. They are too sweet not to imprint your mind. Similar was my feeling when I saw this polish, love at first sight!!! I got my friend from US pick it for me. Also, this was my first Sally Hansen Polish, so it is special to me. Although I had with it me with for an year now but I swatched it for the first time recently. Lets see the swatches and review of this one.

Product Claims: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear  Nail Color offers xtreme shine and protection. Match your manicure to your mood  with fun, trendy shades. Easy grip, easy glide brush is designed for complete  control.

  • Xtreme shine and protection
  • Easy grip, easy glide brush for control

Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet Nail Polish

Price and Quantity : I bought it for $3 last year but I guess in India it is around 350 (not sure) for 11.8 ml.

Packaging : It comes in a long cylindrical bottle which is different from other polishes. It gave me a feeling of owning a luxury. I loved the bottle. I totally admire the long polish brush they have with this. This makes application so very easy. I felt a lot more control over my brush while application. This has one of the best application experinces by far in terms of brush and length.

Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet Nail Polish

Color : All words fall short to describe the sweet and classy pastel color. It is such a fresh minty color. Its like fresh early morning dew drops to eyes. The second I opened the lid , I felt the push to apply them asap on my nails. The color is faboulous pastel light minty green. I am sure it is a color which will be enjoyed by all the girls. I find it as an amazing base for nail art too. You can work with whatever color on this and it will not fail you. I did a very pretty vintage rose nail art on this, which I will share later.

The finish is smooth and shimmer free. It is more a creme nail polish. It doesnt have intense shine too which kind of gives subtleness and frozen look to the nails. The polish isnt streaky or goopy,but just right!!. Gorgeous spring color I must say (although I feel it will rock the entire year) 🙂

Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet Nail Polish

Pigmenation : As I said it is more like a creme polish and the pigmenation screams of that. It gives lovely opaqueness in one coat itself but I prefer two coats for perfect finish. It glides like a dream on nails, such is the smoothness of this beauty.

It does seem chalky after appliaction due to lack of shine that creme polsihes have. Now one may dislike this, but I feel it gives kind of a calm and scerene look to the polish. The color and finish both are very soothing and appeasing. It literally feels like you have applied a fat free smoothie on your nails 🙂 . It has a quick dry time also.

Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet Nail Polish

OverAll Rating: It is undoubtedly a lovely, gorgeous and girly polish. It does make your hands look delicate and will suit all complexions. I will rate it 4/5 .

Have you tried any of Sally Hansen Xtreme nails? Are you too a fan of pastel shades like me? Do let me know what you feel about the color and review 🙂


Faces Matte Nail Polish ‘Greed’ Shade 73 Review

Hi Girls, you know how sometimes we feel low and nothing seems to work or fall in place. That’s the time when we either switch to praying or shopping 😛 😛

I had not been feeeling myself for days together and I was sulking on a christmas holiday. I decided to try the shopping therapy to lift up my mood. Now, this therapy never fails 🙂 . And it was christmas so even if santa did not gift me anything, I decided to be my own santa 😛 😛 . I told my hubby that I just needed a couple of polishes and we moved to Beauty Centre . Now obviously I did not pick up a couple of polishes, I picked up around 12 😛 😛 . I did purchase 3 of Faces Neon Matte Collection. Such an edgy mix “Neon” + “Matte”.  Lets see how the first polish faired.

Faces Neon Matte Greed Polish Review Shade 73

About Faces Neon Matte : Flaunt your bright side with FACES Neon shades…

Price and Quantity : Rs 229 for  9 ml (I think I got it in Rs.180 at Beauty Centre)

Faces Matte Nail Enamel Greed: Review and Swatches

Color : There could not be a more apt name than “Greed” for this shade. It totally reminds of envious green color. The color is very bright and fun. The neon effect is not too over the top to make it very loud or cheap to wear. Neither is it underplayed that will go unnoticed. My friends at work did notice it and asked a lot about this polish. It did look popping out but I thouroughly enjoyed the attention :).

The matte finish is just like a cherry on cake and may be more than that. It is a very intelligent combo that faces came with. The lovely matte look and smoooth finish is totally admirable . One one side it is edgy, naughty and a die-hard attention seeker ‘Neon’ while on the other side it is subtle, shimmer free and gentle ‘Matte’. The marraige of this two aspects makes it a total hit. Even girls who are non enamel lovers complemented about the finish and uniqueness.

Pigementation : After going gaga over color and finish, the pigementaion was a bummer. The consistency is fine but pigmentation is weak. I had to do four coats to get the oapaqueness. If you dont do so, your dead nail boundary will be visible. Although the appliaction wasnt messy, no pulling and pushing but no one likes to apply 4 coats of polish!!! I would have painted 20 nails in the effort I put for 10.

The appliaction was smooth though, no streaks and gentle. Removal was not big pain either considering the heavy 4 coats. Because it was 4 coats, it did take some time in drying and I do have a patch on my nail paints because I hit my wet nail paints towards something I dont remember 😛 😛

Faces Matte Nail Enamel Greed: Review and Swatches

Overall Rating : There is no doubt that the shade is gorgeous, tthe finish is amazing, the color is a head turner and the matte look is classy. But I cannot ignore the 4 coats too. Overall I would still recommend this polish to all. It will suit all complexions and looks too trendy to ignore. So I will rate it 4.8/ ( -. 2 for 4 coats).

I hope you enjoyed the review and swatches. Did you get a chance to lay hands on any of these. Do share your thoughts. Did you also end up with 4 coats or its just me ??


Wild Flower Nail Art

Hi Sweets, I feel like I am talking to you after long long time. Though I managed to be regular in posting my articles last month but mostly all of them were scheduled. So practically all of them were written in November, so I kept on feeling disconnected to you entire december 😦 😦 . I really cannot explain how terrible that made me feel. Being honest, I missed connecting to you more than I had anticipated. I was and am hell like busy lately , family issues, health issues and office issues and what not.

Wild Flower Nail ARt

Anyways, I don’t want to share a depressing story here. I just want to share a happy nail art. I was totally about to skip doing a nail art due to the loss of control I am having on my schedule and health. But then day before I made it a point to leave office on time and zoomed to a parlour to feel sane again. I got a head massage and foot massage done. Trust me it helped me so much not only phyiscally but also mentally. I felt so light and relaxed and ‘human’ after that. I came home and created this nail art.

Wild Flower Nail ARt

Its a freehand nail art and I am happy with I did. I have not been able to create any pleasnt nail art for long time. And it was killing me internally but this was a breath of fresh air 🙂

Wild Flower Nail ARt

I decided to a tougher nail art than this but eventually wanted to do something which I could do for both hands. And here I am. A quick tutorial for benefit of all those who would want to try it.

Wild Flower Nail ARt

Wild Flower Nail Art Tutorial

  •  I used a NYX “First Dance” for first two coats.
  • Using nail art brush I painted some random leaves here and there on my nails.

Wild Flower Nail ARt

  • Using a light lemony yellow acrylic paint I highlighted those green leaves at places.

Wild Flower Nail ARt

  • Next is the fun part where I just made blobs of orange, pink and blue where you can envisage flowers.
  • Now I really cannot explain in words the next step because there is none. I just kept on mixing and dropping colors on the blobs till it looked liked flowers 🙂
  • Finished it with top coat and made myself happy 🙂

Wild Flower Nail ARt

I hope you enjoyed the nail art, beacuse its something I enjoyed after LONG. Pls let me know how you feel and sher your thoughts.

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