The Fruity Orange Nail Art

Hi, This is the second day of the 31 Day Nail art Challenge and I am back with another nail art for the entry.Today’s theme is Orange.Β  I have taken it very seriously and literally so I went ahead and made an Orange for the nail art :P. Although I do not like to eat orange as a fruit but this nail art makes me fall in love with the fruit to an extent.

The Fruity Orange Nail Art

Items Used

  • Yellow Nail Paint – As the base color
  • Orange Nail paint/ Acrylic Paint – To paint the orange
  • White Nail Paint/Acrylic Paint – To make the shine line on Orange
  • Green Nail Paint/Acrylic Paint – To make the leaves
  • Brown Nail Paint/Acrylic Paint – To Make the stem
  • Normal/Nail Art Brush – To do all the painting
  • Top Coat
  • Base Coat

The Fruity Orange Nail Art


  1. Paint your nails yellow as the base color.
  2. Make a semi circle of orange color on your nails.
  3. Draw a thin line from the middle of the orange boundary to the mid of the cuticle.
  4. Now draw leaves with green color either with the help of dotting tool or fine brush.
  5. Try and draw an outline to the leaves with a darker shade of green for precision look. You can either use the brush or nail art pen. I did use a nail art pen again lying around for some time but never used :(. Really this challenge is making me use many of my new unused nail art tools which I am loving. πŸ˜›
  6. At last, draw the slightly curved shine lineΒ  with white.
  7. Finish with a top coat.

The Fruity Orange Nail ArtThe Fruity Orange Nail ArtThe Fruity Orange Nail Art

I hope that you find this orange equally edible. Please feel free to drop in comments and queries. See you with the next nail art entry. :).


9 comments on “The Fruity Orange Nail Art

  1. These oranges are AMAZING – look good enough to eat πŸ™‚

  2. Great design! Love your delicious looking little oranges!

  3. […] I thought of giving a sneak peek of yellow rather than the whole show dominated by it . Also, the Fruity Orange Nail Art was the first fruit nail art, so I did not want to wipe it out ruthlessly today.And I just […]

  4. I love those little oranges! Ever tried cherries? That’d be cute too, I bet. πŸ™‚

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  6. When you use that many nail colors, you can actually see the details of the design.

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