The Vintage Rose Nail Art

Hi, I am extremely late today for my entry to the 3o Day Nail Art Challenge and the theme today is Pink. Now, this color naturally brings in a million feminine, soft , cute, classic and ageless ideas for nail art designs (practically the design of anything and everything for a girl). I was super excited for this day in particular. Although I had no ideas floating in my mind, I was looking forward for this. And as feared, I thought it over so many times that was out of ideas. Because I have a soft corner for pink (all girls have πŸ˜› ), I wanted to utilize this opportunity to the fullest.

Vintage rose  Nail Art

The Vintage Rose Nail Art

But I am not sure if I did my best because inspite of today being a holiday, I had an awfully busy day.But I am just happy that I finally did the ‘Vintage Rose’ nail art. I had been planning this for ages but never tried this mainly because I was afraid of failing at this simple nail art. Anyways, not that this came out as a big hit but I am happy with the outcome and the attempt :).

Vintage rose  Nail Art

Items Needed

  • Pale pink Nail Paint as the base color
  • Bright Pink Nail Paint for the body of the rose
  • Pink Nail Art Pen/Pink Nail Paint and a fine brush for outlining the roses
  • Green Color Acrylic Paint for leaves
  • Dark Green Nail art pen for outlining leaves ( optional, I was getting bored and I love doing outlines to hide my untidy work)

Vintage rose  Nail ArtVintage rose  Nail Art

How to do the Vintage Rose

  1. Clean,cut and file your nails. paint them pale pink.
  2. Make random patches of the bright pink polish on all nail. Just touch the nail paint brush on the nails enough to make a rough circle.
  3. With a nail art pen or fine brush make a dot on the pink patch. Then start making semicircles around the dot in layers and your rose is done.
  4. Make few leaves around the rose with green acrylic paint or nail paint.
  5. Outline the leaves with nail art pen or fine brush if you wish to.
  6. Finish with a top coat.

The Vintage Rose Nail Art

I hope you are able to do this easily with better perfection. The best thing about this nail art is that it doesn’t require symmetry or same patterns, just similar patterns :). Let me know if you liked my first attempt with vintage rose.

PS : Because the rose is neon colored pink, the pictures are tricky.Apologies 😦 I have updated few pictures today again to do justice to the nail art. But the nail art is way prettier than pictures, believe me :P.


26 comments on “The Vintage Rose Nail Art

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! And I cannot wait to try this. I have just one question though: what is a nail art pen and where can I find them? Thanks again for the beautiful share πŸ™‚ Did I say I just LOVE it?

    • Thanks for the compliment dear.
      A nail art pen is a small nail paint squeezy kinna thing. They have a detailing brush for application and a very fine nozzle from which nail paint comes out on squeezing. They are easily available, actually one of the first nail art tools I could find in an ordonary beauty shop even 3 yrs back, for rest of the tools till today u either need to go to spl shops or mainly order online. They are cheap and come handy for any designs. They cost Rs 30-40. Just see my nail art ‘Bright Sunny Day’, I have put in my picture of Items used. This should help. I was planning to do a post for introduction to various nail art tools but I am missing that due to my busy schedule.Let me know if u are still left puzzled with the ‘Nail Art pen’. You could google them also.

      • I get it [somehow the follow up email didn’t arrive; didn’t come across your reply before]…I have to look about for these, I guess. I really love how simple life can be, with them!

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  3. my my! this looks super pretty! πŸ™‚ you are so talented πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks for the real compliment dear πŸ™‚
    But Swarnali, believe me I am really just trying bcz I WANT to do it. Thats it.
    You can also try that, seriously I am not kidding!
    btw did you finalise you nail art order? Dont forget to check bornprettystore.com also.

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  8. I love these they are really fab and they way u write and post these pics I feel it is super easy as well

  9. Thanks Sneha. They are doable indeed πŸ™‚ Pls try them share your story or send me the pics.
    You have an easier option also, come to my place and I will do it for you πŸ˜›

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  20. V V pretty it is. I don’t have a green pen yet, but I am gonna try it as I have the rest of the things required πŸ™‚

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