Easy at Home Nail Art 16- Fish Tail Braid

Hi, I did a Fish tail braid nail art today for the 30 Day Nail Art for the first time. I am kind of happy that I tried something new. I am not very fond of them although. But yes, I needed do this once and here is my trail. After doing this, I was wondering this is not half as bad I thought so why didn’t I try this earlier? And I am gonna try this again. May be I would end up with a better one next time :).

The Fish Tail Braid Nail Art

So all you need is three pretty nail paints and nail art tools. Isn’t it cool? Yes, it is because anyone can do it. You can do it on all nails or just one. But to be honest, I messed up a couple of times with which stripe to put in which sequence. It was like decoding some tech stuff. Me and my friend Pratibha, starched our head a lot but goofed up endless number of times (not endless but like twice, ya ya girls exaggerate; big deal 😛 ). I was planning to do this nail art for her but screwed her nails with endless (by endless I mean two, you know me now 😛 ) experiments that we both did. Eventually, it was late night and she went home with each nail looking unique in its own way and the nail paints screaming of nail paint remover. I guess they were too embarrassed to be noticed! 😦  . Yes, that happens many a times, just like we have Bad Hair Day,  I guess we do have Bad Nail Day as well :D. And I am like literally having bad nail days for last couple of days, don’t know why ???? 😦

Yes, Eureka, I know the reason 🙂 .I think my nails are angry because I did not buy nail paints for a while. Yes that’s it, now I know where it all went wrong, my nails are feeling neglected and ignored and that’s the reason they are not responding positively to any of my experiments. This is an emergency and I need to buy nail paints :P. What do you all say?

The Fish Tail Braid Nail Art

The Fish Tail Braid Nail Art

Now I really could not write the tutorial of this nail art because words will only confuse you and lead to a wrong direction. So I am using the wonderful and self explanatory pictorial from Lucy’s Stash. Its a heaven of nail art let me tell you.

Fishtail manicure tutorial

Image Source is Lucy’s Stash

Let me know how you feel about this. I think its not a total failure for the first time. What do you think? Did they impress you or would a take a pass rather 😦


20 comments on “Easy at Home Nail Art 16- Fish Tail Braid

  1. They look good! Especially for a first time.

  2. meko karna hai! looks so pretty! 🙂

  3. Love the idea! And for a first time, you’re pretty darn good 🙂

  4. You did a really good job w the braid!! Those are really hard for me to get even and decent looking! Nice job. 🙂

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  10. Wow very helpful tute. Loved it ❤

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  12. […] Easy at Home Nail Art 16- Fish Tail Braid (thenailartandbeautydiaries.wordpress.com) […]

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