The Bride’s Veil in Blue Nail art

You know, how it feels when you create something and you are actually pleased with it; rather than cribbing about your work and being your own critique. Yes, I felt this after long after I created this nail art. Usually, I always over examine my work and I mostly feel ‘I could have done better’ and stuff :(. But this one and a very few others were pleasant surprises 🙂 🙂

This is my entry for the 30 Day Nail Art Challenge for the theme ‘French With A Twist’. I personally find it cute and feminine but I would be more than happy if you feel the same way about it 😀

The Bride's Veil in Blue Nail Art

I have used the ‘blue flower’ cute nail art accessory for the first time although it has been a month since I got them from Thailand. Ohh! It’s a nail art heaven, you get everything for nail art and they are really affordable. This bottle of blue flower costed me 10 bhat only i.e. like Rs 18 🙂 🙂 . I am planning to do a separate post on Thailand Nail Art accessory shopping so controlling my urge to share all here 😦

The Bride's Veil in Blue Nail Art

Items Used

  • Light Blue Color Nail paint
  • Blue color nail art pen/ a fine brush for outline (Read Additional Info for alternatives)
  • Blue flowers as Nail art accessory (Read Additional Info for alternatives)
  • Glittery Top Coat
  • Nail Glue (optional)

How to get the Beautiful Veil

  1. Apply a base coat first and make sure your nails are clean because your nail bed is exposed hereJ.
  2. Either by using French manicure tip or free hand drawing; cover the tip of nails blue. I did a free hand with the normal nail paint brush. So shouldn’t be difficult for you as well J
  3. I had not planned an outline per say but my husband was like ‘Something is missing’. So I went ahead and used my blue nail art pen (for the first time) to get a border. It had been lying with for over four months but I missed using it at allL. However, you could use a nail art or any fine brush as well.
  4. Now, carefully place the pretty blue flowers on one corner placed on a drop of transparent polish to hold them. Or you could use the nail glue and it would stay longer.
  5. Cast a long lasting shiny veil by adding a glittery silver top coat.

The Bride's Veil in Blue Nail Art

Additional Info:

  • For the border or outline of the veil, you could use a different color as well. I mean do not hunt for a darker blue shade of nail paint/acrylic paint if you don’t have. How about using a baby pink or a cream or a peach color? That would also give a ‘wow’ effect.
  • If you do not have those tiny flowers as nail art accessory don’t feel lowL. Remember you can make a flower much cuter than this one :). Read my tutorial on how to make flower with dotting tool/toothpick. You will be amazed to see the results. You can choose any color for the flower and any size.

The Bride's Veil in Blue Nail Art

I hope you liked this pretty nail art and would try out something similar soon. If you go through the additional info, you will realize it doesn’t require tools to follow this approach. So let me know your thoughts on this.


19 comments on “The Bride’s Veil in Blue Nail art

  1. This one is the best so far…!! 🙂

  2. so sooo sooo pretty , dear! love the flowers! this would also look very pretty and girly in pink! 🙂

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  4. This. is. b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!!!! ❤ I love it in blue…no surprises there, it's my favourite colour! 😛 This is just…well I am lost for words. Where can I buy these accessories? Somewhere online?

  5. Thanks a lot for falling out of words complimenting the nail art because that’s a compliment to me 😛 😛
    Yes, they are available online. I am not sure if same, but yes similar for sure. You could buy them from http://www.bornprettystore.com/. They deliver worldwide, free shipping. Use the coupon code on HQBQ10 to enjoy a 10% discount.

    The other option is to buy online from India. But the only problem is they are all from Konad or Ranrara which are expensive comparatively. You can check once to compare. But I never buy my nail art accessories from Indian online store. I am writing posts on each nail art tool and their availability. Stay tuned for all your answers 😛

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  7. These are adorable, perfect for brides to be who want to DIY their nails 🙂

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  10. This 1 is really cute girlish nail art…

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