The Tribal Nail Art

Hi all, the theme for today’s nail art challenge is Tribal. This is the second time I did a tribal nail art. The first time I did this , I was not even aware  that it is called a Tribal Nail Art 😛 :P. But frankly, its better this time. When I started with the nail art my husband was making faces seeing the untidy work but I tried convincing him that it would better once finished. And when he saw the completed the nail art he was very happy. He was looking for words to explain the look when he just said :” You know, it kind of looks Tribal”. Bingo!! that’s what the theme is and he did not know about it at all (I Swear). That’s when I got confident that the nail art definitely complies by the theme :D. If he could guess it, I am sure others can. But you can not underestimate his knowledge on nail art these days. He is a quick learner and seeing me going head over heals over nail art, he has learnt a lot seeing me  doing nail artssssssssssssss and browsing hundreds of nail arts pics/blogsssss 😀

Now these are colorful nail arts can be done primarily with the help of nail art pens or fine brush. I used a nail art pen.There is not much like a tutorial that I could write, you just have to go with your heart. You can chose any pattern and any color, I guarantee you that if you feel good about the design then it will look good on your nails 🙂

So following pictures will help you understand the route I took. But feel free to ask me if you get stuck. I would love to be bothered so let me know. I also love your comments and likes so don’t be a miser and pour them 😛 :P. Ya, Ya I am in fun mood so I am just blabbering :).

Tribal Nail Art Tutorial

Liked it?? If you liked it here are few more . And if you did not like it?? well you don’t have a choice, still go through them 😛 :P.

The Tribal Nail Art

Tribal Nail Art

13 comments on “The Tribal Nail Art

  1. Wow this must have cost ages to create. Great job!

  2. Well, I am glad it looks that difficult 😛
    My friends also asked me the same. But the truth is it did not. I used a nail art pen, so all I had to do was to squeeze out polish at the correct places. I think this is easier than using striping brush!

  3. So attractive… I also want to share my nail art

  4. looks so neat.. 🙂 did u use a nail art pen? where can i get them from? and u know my nails are breaking and flaking 😦 please help.. please do a post on how to have healthy nails..

    • Yes, I used a nail art pen. You can get it from your near by beauty shop as they are the only piece of nail art tool that India stacks well!! For everything else you need to turn to the websites which have free worldwide shipping! You can try http://www.bornprettystore.com/ and also avail a 10% discount by using code HQBQ10 (ref:banner on the right side of my blog). I am doing a post each on nail art tools and accessories. Also where to get them (in Indian context). That should help you and others 🙂

      I am so sorry to hear about your nails. I can totally understand how helpless that feels. For your nails just do one thing for now, read my previous posts on ‘https://thenailartandbeautydiaries.wordpress.com/2013/01/11/fix-my-nails-the-donts/” and “https://thenailartandbeautydiaries.wordpress.com/2013/01/11/fix-my-nails-the-donts/”. And let me know if you need more. I was planning on doing a post on other nail care topics , thanks for reminding. One thing I can say in short, pls pls apply cuticle cream/hand and nail cream/cuticle oil to impart health to your nails. If you have none of this by your side, go for warm olive oil massage or castor oil message before going to bed every night. Even coconut oil, if you dont have any of the other oil. Concentrate on your nail tips and cuticle area. Do not forget to apply cream to your hand each time you wash them and rip off the moisture. Let me know if this helps. And always file your nails gently to get off the flaky part (nails layering into two) or they will flake more.

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  10. […] blouse (Choli) and long feminine scarf (Dupatta) to wrap around and flaunt. I have added some tribal nail art appeal to it to make it look more of traditional than modern. I am very fond of a ‘Lehenga’ […]

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