Nail Art Basics – What is a Dotting Tool? How to Use it ?

After a series of Easy at home nail art which do not require any tool, let me steer you the next level and introduce you to world of nail art tools and accessories. They exist to make your life easier and beautify your nails :).

What is a Dotting Tool?

A dotting tool is used for making very small details and spots on nail art designs. It is an essential tool especially, if you plan to use the free hand technique. They are my favorites due to the world of options they open up. You could make  polka dots, hearts, flowers, eyes,clouds, boundaries and what not from this tiny thing. You can browse through my blog to see nail art I did using dotting tool. It usually comes in a set of 5 or 3. Each dotting tool has a different size of sphere on both ends to give you choice for the size of dot you want. If I may suggest, this should be on the top list of your nail art tools.

Dotting Tool

Shopping Guide: These are nothing but sticks with two ends for dotting. All what matters is the size of the spheres. Because that will determine the size and detail of the dots created. So, if you are on a budget, I would suggest to not to invest a lot on this just for the brand name sake. Just look for a set which has 5/3 tools (to give you variety of sizes in spheres) rather than getting a single one. I have a set of 5 but actually I have same sized dots/spheres repeated for a couple of sticks. So even a set of 3 is good option. Some brands like Konad offer wooden dotting tool instead of plastic. I am not sure how the wood is going to impact the design? :P. But the final choice is yours 🙂

Dotting Tool

Price and Availability: In India, they are available on various online shopping portals. But they are all branded (Konad, Ranrara) so expensive (at least I find them expensive). Go for the cheapest dotting tool available (pref a set of 5) as it doesn’t make a difference and will not impact your work. They won’t be branded but brand doesn’t make a difference to the size of the dots :P.

You could read a number of articles online to make a dotting tool yourself, but honestly its not worth. Dotting Tool is not that expensive and they will be your side life long. So one must absolutely invest in them. And above all, a substitute is a substitute and will have its limitations :(. But the final choice is yours. You can go with either, in case you get stuck with any of them, I am there for rescue. Shoot me a question 😀

One could get affordable dotting tool at Bornprettystore.com. It is very famous in the blogosphere and nail art lovers get most of their stuff from here. They have free international shipping so no worries there. It a heaven for at least people in India where is dearth of cheap nail art supplies 😦 In case you decide on making this purchase do not forget to enjoy a 10% discount at bornprettystore using coupon code HQBQ10 (See the banner on the blog sidebar).

Well, that’s all the information I could give you on dotting tool. Hope you get one soon and you are set on your nail art journey! Feel free to ask any question and share your experience. I hope this article is helpful to you and because I was drained out of energy finding out affordable nail art supplies in India 😛 .


17 comments on “Nail Art Basics – What is a Dotting Tool? How to Use it ?

  1. I was just looking at these on Amazon yesterday, along with striping tape, but now I think I am in love with the bornpretty site. Thanks for the tip!

    • Yes. They have everything under one roof and the stuffs are affordable. So yes, I too love them. Besides, I dont have options like amazon so Bornpretty is definetly a hit 😛
      Dnt forget to avail 10% off by using HQBQ coupon code 🙂

  2. I like the pics ❤ I ordered my dotting tools from Slassy at just 350 bucks 🙂 Very nice post!

  3. I got mine from ebay for a nice little price. 😉

    • Yes, I know ebay and amazon……phewww!! no use lamenting but we dnt have dat advantage in India. v have ebay but not half as great. So bornpretty and other chinese free worldwide delivery stores are only solace here 😦

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  5. […] Nail Art Basics – What is a Dotting Tool? How to Use it and Where to buy it? (thenailartandbeautydiaries.wordpress.com) […]

  6. Can you please tell me where I can purchase nail art dotting tools and brushes online? I have been trying to find it from a long time 😦 I stay in Bangalore

  7. I am little confused with the prices!! :\ can you help me?? Like the Nirus dotting tool it says RS.350,and its set of five! Like on flipkart and slassy.. so is it 350 per tool or 350 for the whole packet!!

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