The Sun, Sea and Beach Nail Art

Hey Girls, you remember I mentioned about the Monthly Nail Expo in the Blooming Spring Nail Art which is hosted by Viviana from NailArt Addictions ? Yes, after missing it for the first time, I did participate in May Expo. The theme is ‘Sun, Sand and Beach ‘. I am not yet a nail art pro and although the theme  seemed exciting, it gave me jitters :(. I had to participate but I was also scared of not coming up with a worthy nail art. I haven’t yet dived deep into free hand nail arts, so I was not that confident. So I gave a lot of thought and finally came up with this. This is not my best but it isn’t bad either :P.

Sun, sea and beach

As I told, the lovely thing about these expos and challenges is that they push you out of your comfort zone and make you do things who would have not done otherwise. And most of the times, you will be amazed by the results :D. So thanks Viviana for the opportunity 🙂

Anyways, I attempted to incorporate all the three elements of the expo in the nail art; the Sun, Sea and Beach. But its only my readers who can tell me if I actually fared? 😦

Since each nail is painted differently, I will stop by each nail to explain in nutshell about what I did and how I did? I painted all the nails to this pretty light blue color, drew water ripples using white acrylic paint on all nails except middle finger and then took up each nail as a different project 😛

Sun, sea and beach

The Thumb : I tried to depict a Sea Shell found abundantly on beaches. But it did not turn out good and I am scared that you wouldn’t have guessed it was a shell, had I not mentioned. 😦 😦 😦

I have used acrylic paints and a fine brush for this free hand design. Acrylic Paints are easier to work with and once I had the brush dipped in color once, I felt like I could practically paint anything on my nails :). I outlined the shell with a darker shade to give them a finish.

Index Finger : I couldn’t ignore the Shining Beaming Sun. But I decided not to draw the sun in a traditional way (the way I drew for Bright Sunny Day Nail art); instead I thought of depicting the sun in a more artistic way. Although I wanted the sun to shout out that it is bright and scorching, I felt like putting that in a more artistic and fun way :). So I use acrylic paints to draw swirls for sun using orange acrylic paint but it did not seem fun and bright enough. So I did some highlighting using a bright yellow shade. And I was satisfied with the result :). Art is all about expressing what you have in mind, so no worries if your imagination doesn’t fit in the real world. Everything you believe in is right here :D.

Sun, sea and beach

Middle Finger : Now, is there a beach with no sand and sparkling water? Noooo. And the since the sun is very bright, it is so natural for the sand and water to shine like little pieces of jewels. So I simply added some blue and golden glitter to depict the dazzling sand and sparkly water.

Ring Finger : Well this was simple to guess, I wanted to draw a fish peeing out of the water. And since I had to give birth to the fish, it has to be PINK :P. I outlined it with nail art pen of darker shade of pink. I drew the eye using a dotting tool. I also managed some scales using the nail art pen again.

Little Finger : I always wanted to draw a Star Fish for a nail art and finally this was my moment :D. I find them very cute:). I used the acrylic paint to draw the star, and again outlined with a lighter shade. I drew few polka dots to beatify my star fish. And that’s what I LOVE about nail art, I can do anything I want, I can bring life to anything that actually doesn’t exist 😀

Sun, sea and beach

And finished them all with a top coat:D. The nail art was like pushing me to go for a holiday :P. I loved looking at it, and it reminded me of Thailand beaches 😛

Did it have a similar effect on you? Did you enjoy the Nail Art ?What does this remind you of? I would be glad to read your thoughts and  comments on this, so don’t hesitate.


29 comments on “The Sun, Sea and Beach Nail Art

  1. Very pretty nail art…neatly done…love it..:)

  2. Very cute, and perfect for summer. I might have to try this (I always say that, don’t I?), after my interview, of course.

  3. howw cute!!!! ur every work amazes me!!!!!! 🙂

  4. I like the star fish the most…very cute…!!

  5. Oh My!!

    It’s so Pretty! 🙂

  6. Loved loved loved ur nail art..!! 🙂

  7. Hey Satu, welcome to The Friendly Bunch Blog Hop 🙂 Glad to see you with us. Visit some other bloggers & say hi. 🙂
    Wishing you an amazing new week.
    XoXo, Luchessa.

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  10. This looks great! You did a really good job.

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  16. Amazing creativity… I am as usual awestruck!!

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