Competition Winner!

I won, I won ..I won the Nail Art Competition hosted by Nail Artisan!!!

Nail Virtuoso

The voting has been closed and I am pleased to announce that our winner is luv4beautyandnnailart with her Cookie Monster Nails!

The Cookie Monster Nail Art

luv4beautyandnailart’s real name is Setu Rohini. Setu will receive a custom-made set of hand-painted false nails for winning the competition – well done Setu! Commiserations to all our other entrants, all the submissions were stunning!

Setu is a business analysit who runs a cosmetics and ‘DIY-beauty’ blog called ‘The Nail Art and Beauty Diaries.’ Over there you can find posts about nail art and care, as well as tutorials and reviews on nail art and nail products (the perfect candidate for a nail art competition!)

You can find a great review of  and tutorial for nail art fimos, a kind of polymer clay accessory for nail art here:


And here’s a great tutorial showing you how to use striping nail tape to create neat, clean lines on your nails:


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7 comments on “Competition Winner!

  1. Aww congrats girl

  2. Congrats U deserved to win Anyways … All the best for future.

  3. Congrats .

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