The Cherry Blossom Nail Art

Hi Friends, I am trying to lay my hands on the Cherry blossom nail art that I have been wanting to do since ever. I do not know if my nail art has done justice to the name assigned to the nail art but I am glad that I tried it. They remind me of winters (although I hate winters and thankfully Mumbai has no winters 🙂 ).

The Cherry Blossom Nail Art

This is definetly not my best shot at the Cherry Blossom nail art but considering me as a first timer, I am not being very strict on myself 😳 . I will come with a better one next time (don’t I always say that 😆 )? I am sure I am gonna to try this again with different set of colors (may be softer hues) in the coming days. But till then you gotto put up with this one :P.

Cherry Blossom Nail Art

This is a easy random nail art so each one of you should be able to try this out freely and design your own versions of this one 😉

Cherry Blossom Nail Art

Items Used

  • EnVy for Base color
  • Black Acrylic Paint for branches
  • Red Acrylic Paint for cherries
  • Dotting Tool or Toothpick to draw cherries
  • Fine Brush to draw branches
  • Base Coat and Top Coat

Cherry Blossom Nail Art

Cherry Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Do the cutting, filing and base coat ritual for your nails.
  2. Paint your nails with a soft base color.
  3. Draw random lines depicting branches and twigs using the black acrylic paint.
  4. Now pick up red acrylic paint on your dotting tool and start placing dots on branches and twigs depicting cherries.
  5. Do the top coat to prevent the cherries from falling off 🙂

Simple, isn’t it? Although my nail art could have been finer and neater, it looks good at a glance. I am sure my lovely readers would be able to come up something better. Please leave your comments and suggestions here. I love reading them 🙂


14 comments on “The Cherry Blossom Nail Art

  1. I think that you did a fab job! They look gorgeous.

  2. I like the concept….very nice 🙂

  3. Nooooooo why is this so awesome dammit! I love it!
    I tried cherry blossoms once. Ooo it was the biggest fail you could imagine but I loooove cherry blossoms!

  4. I’m dead serious! I looked like a volcano gone wrong. How one even manages to make a cherry blossom tree look like a volcano, is beyond me but that’s what I did!!! LOL
    I must try again sometime though or practice on paper or something.

    • ha ha, I m laughing literally in my office reading your description!!! How did you manage to do that,,, you nail arts are fab..I guess it was an accident!!. If u were somewhere nearby, I would have been glad to do one for you 🙂

  5. I LOVE these. Fabulous job for a first time. I am not sure if I am brave enough to try this. Especially after the amazing job you did!!

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