The Crackle or Shatter Nail Art

Hi, I will be doing a quick post today since there is nothing much to explain for the crackle or shatter nail art. I have already covered on what these nail paints and where to buy them here. So today I will be showing the results I obtained when I used them finally.

Nail Art with Crackle Nail Paint

Yes, “finally” because even though I bought it over an year a ago, I never used it. Don’t get me wrong, but I personally do not enjoy short cut methods to nail art. Till the time I rack my brain for ideas, turn my nail paint basket upside down to decide the colors and dig my nail art basket deciding the tool to use; I do not get the feel of doing nail art. It doesn’t give me the joy of creation or sense of giving birth to a nail art :). I hope you understand.

Nail Art with Crackle Nail Paint

The shatter nail paint takes away all those worries and leaves you with only one choice that is decide the base color :(. But that is a very pessimist way of looking at it, and being an artist at heart I must not limit the options. Okay, I promise I will come up with alternate nail art designs using shatter nail paint using my creativity :D.

Crack Nail Paint

The best thing about this form of nail art is that it be a quick fix to a spoiled base color. I did a horrible work with painting the grey base color, but I could instantly cover that up with this magic nail paint 🙂 One word of advice, please wait for the shatter nail paint to dry completely and only then apply the top coat. My shatter nail paint turns a shade lighter on drying. For my left hand I waited for it to dry fully but for the right hand I think I was a little too quick. So my left hand had a slight lighter shade of orange than my right hand.

Nail Art with Crackle Nail Paint

I hope you liked the effect and although I am not particularly very inclined to them, one must own at least a single color of this. As I mentioned earlier, it is difficult to replicate the effect with manual nail art, so go ahead and invest in one 🙂

19 comments on “The Crackle or Shatter Nail Art

  1. Such a pretty colour! I very rarely wear shatter polish anymore but I do still have a soft spot for them. They are a perfect way to get a quick but interesting look. 🙂
    Ra ♥

  2. I only ever seem to resort to the shatter polishes as a quick fix cover up x

  3. I am yet to get my hand on crackle polishes…

    • Yes, even though I am not a fan of crackles but I guess its good to have a polish or two in your drawer. They are quick fix for spoilt polish ad give a nail art look in least time.

  4. Looks good Setu. Now doesn’t this crackle polish have the look of OPI? I thought at first it was it.

  5. wow I loved this one yaa….it has come out nicely….cheers!!!

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  9. […] The Crackle or Shatter Nail Art (thenailartandbeautydiaries.wordpress.com) […]

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