My PRIZE for the Nail Art Remake Challenge is HERE!!!!

Hi Ladies,

My prize that I won in the Nail Art Remake challenge at 365 Days of Nail Art hosted by Margriet. The package arrived sooner than expected so I was super excited!!! And since it had nail polish and nail art stuff, I was so restless. So finally on Friday my dad gave me a call that a Netherlands package has arrived!!! So I went to dad’s place at 11 pm to collect it 🙂 🙂 🙂

Anyways, I have to show what I got:). This is what the package looked when I opened it 🙂 :). Can you see the cute bow like Styrofoams??

My Nail Art Prize

Here is every thing on display :). Cool, isn’t it??. I am so happy to look at these pictures again, they remind me of the joy I felt while clicking them 🙂

My Nail Art Prize

These are the caviars, glitters and hearts and sequins and other accessories.

My Nail Art Prize

Can you notice the cute 2 ml stamping polish bottle?? Its so cute as if it had been carved for a barbie doll.

My Nail Art Prize


I am so excited to see how well I can use them. I have so many ideas already floating around in my mind. What say Girls?? Lovely Prize, isn’t it?? What more could a nail art lover ask for??



14 comments on “My PRIZE for the Nail Art Remake Challenge is HERE!!!!

  1. congratulations setu 🙂 🙂 its so awesome!!!!!!!! loved it 🙂

    • Ohh, Thanks Swarnali. You should know how crazy I am about nail polish and nail art…..(I think anything with prefix ‘nail’ attracts me)….And winning it makes it even more special!

  2. Thank you for entering and again congrats with your price! Hope you’ll have fun with it!
    XOXO Margriet

    • Yes, Ofcourse…I am definetly gonna make best use of them…I used the sponge yesterday for my first gradient/ombre (was not my best, but ok to begin with). Shall share soon 🙂

  3. Wow !! Enjoy your haul !!

  4. Thanks Neetu. I am indeed so excited to use them 🙂
    Come home to meet me and you can reap the benefits as well!!

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  9. Serious nail envy here… that looks amazing!

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