Black and White Nail Art

Hi Dearies, the theme for the challenge today is “Black and White” which are the most common colors. We are touched by them everyday. But when I sat down to think of these two most commonly used colors, I realized although I have used them separately Β on almost all nail arts done by me, I have never used them together in isolation. What a pity!!

So I decided to a nail art which only has black & White with no other colors stealing the show!!!

Black and White Nail Art

The Nail art is very simple but seemed very stylish to me. It is simple and serene. The growing work on each finger gives a classy look.

Black and White Nail Art

The nail art is very simple to do and I will explain how. All you need is the following:

A White Nail Polish– To use as the base color. Try using a bright clean white color so that it gives perfect contrast to the black.

Black acrylic Paint : To do the detailed Painting

A Fine Nail Art Brush : To help you draw the intricate designs (you could use nail art pen if that makes you more comfortable)

Top Coat : To seal the deal!!!

Black and White Nail Art

Isn’t it short and sweet?? I am happy with the outcome and I was worried initially. All those who have known me or follow the blog for some time must have known that I was huge fan of nail art pens earlier. But now I am practicing free hand painting!! And I enjoy it each time I succeed. Although I do not have the right brushes (I will place order soon), I am trying my best!! Which nail art brush do you use for detailing?? And where did you buy it from?? I am trying to get one and please help me decide if you don’t want my nail art to be an eyesore due to the wrong brush!!!

Black and White Nail Art

Anyways, what do you feel about this nail art?? Have you ever considered using only black and white for a nail art?? Share your thoughts!!!


14 comments on “Black and White Nail Art

  1. Setu …. this is really gorgeous!

    • Thanks a lot viviana. Today is my first day at new office n all I m seeing is if people were loud colors on nails. And if the work pressure will take toll on my nail arts n blog πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
      Ohh my, i just cant imagine life without them 😞😞

  2. You did such a nice job! πŸ™‚

  3. I love this because this reminds me of the henna tattoos girls do on their hands, that delicate lace. So gorgeous. Good job!

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