The Jewellery Inspired Nail Art with Indian Attire Touch

Hi everyone, as you all know my country of origin is India and here we are proudly inclined towards bright colors, intricate designs and jewellery. we relish lively colors, lots of delicate patterns, golds,glitters and all what could possibly throw life to any outfit. I wanted to depict this in form of nail art and I knew I had to turn to tribal. I love tribal nail arts an  I feel I am fairly good at it :P. I am able to do these using my wrong hand also 🙂 :). I have done tribal twice before and following are the pictures.

Following are the tribal themed I did in past:

Tribal Nail Art  Traditional Indian Lehenga Inspired Nail Art

But today I have used softer tones I used, rhinestones and caviar. I have tried to picture all the elements I mentioned. This nail art is inspired by Jewellery with touch of intricate designs and work. This is what I did for the Challenge as  well where the theme was ‘Inspired by Jewelry’.(I think I have grown as an artist, this one looks better. What say amigos??)

Tribal In Summery Pastels    Tribal In Summery Pastels Nail Art

Anyways, I hope you like them because I really worked hard on this one. I have attempted intricate designs and rhinestones.There is a lot of work which gives heaviness to the work but at the same time I have used light pastel shades underneath which kind of lifts up the entire thing. I liked the balancing act between the rustic tribal look and the bright pastel shades.I hope they impress you as much as they did me. My dad was happy to see this and praised me a lot which means a lot to me. (He appreciates all my work and does not miss any of my nail arts, but he said this was my best!!!!)

Tribal In Summery Pastels Nail Art

I do not know if there can be a tutorial for this since everything is like free hand. Still I will give a try to explain what I used and how I did.

Tribal In Summery Pastels Nail Art

Light Green : Start with this color and paint one third of your nails starting from near the cuticle.

Bright Pink: Again draw a thick line (same size as that of green)

Sky Blue: Finish the remaining part of your nail with blue color. Take care that all the three colors occupy almost same space and are proportionate.

Black Acrylic Paint : Start the intricate designs using a fine nail art brush.

Pink Rhinestone:I used clear paint to stick the rhinestones, you could use a nail glue.

Multi-color Caviar Balls: I picked up random balls and placed them on top of wet clear nail paint.

Top Coat : To ensure long life, shine and finish

Tribal In Summery Pastels Nail Art

And you are done!!! It may seem difficult but I did not find it a trouble. And the end result kind of justified the entire process. What do think people, do you also agree with my dad that they are the best of my work?? Do you think the pastels did a good job of balancing the heaviness of intricate free hand work?? Waiting eagerly to hear all you have to say!!!

PS : I have participated at a nail art challenge hosted by Mel on http://nailartisan.wordpress.com/2013/08/02/competition-entries-voting-is-open/ . This is my entry for the challenge. Please check out the other entries as well. Do not forget to vote for mine if you like them.


13 comments on “The Jewellery Inspired Nail Art with Indian Attire Touch

  1. It looks so complicated, very beautiful!

  2. Wow, this looks amazing! Very pretty 🙂

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  5. I really loved this article…it is well written! I actually just happened to come upon a website that connects international artisans online, I feel your readers will benefit from the opportunities available on the website. Check out their facebook! Facebook.com/GlobeIN

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