Indian Independence Day inspired Nail Art

Hi Friends, you must be knowing by now that I am Indian :). And we celebrate our Independence Day on 15th August. I thought why not celebrate it with pride on my nails. I am gonna wear this tomorrow with pride and honor.

Indian Independence Day inspired Nail Art

For the benefit of all I will let you know the significance of the colors in MY India’s Flag.

Saffron : Courage and Sacrifice

Navy Blue : For the eternal wheel of law

White : Truth, Peace and Purity

Green: Prosperity

Indian Independence Day inspired Nail Art

So I have tried to include all colors in my nail art. Also there is a special reason I have included “Gold”. At one point in time we were called “Sone Ki Chidiya” meaning “Golden Bird”. So I did not want that to be missed out. Yes, I am having that patriotic wave run down me as I explain you all this.

Anyways, back to the nail art.

Indian Independence Day inspired Nail Art

Items Needed:

  • White Nail paint
  • Green, Blue, Orange and Golden Acrylic Paint
  • Dotting tool or a Toothpick
  • Fan Brush

Method :

  • Paint all your nails white and let them dry.
  • Using a fan brush pick up the acrylic paints an start from left wall of your nails. Pull the brush till you get the desired look. Repeat if needed.
  • Do the above process for all three nails with respective colors.
  • Draw a rough outline with golden on each nail.
  • Using a dotting tool pick up some golden acrylic color to draw the pattern on my forefinger. Fill in dots with the colors a shown.
  • Finish up with a top coat.

Wasn’t that easy?? Using a fan brush gives very random asymmetrical which makes it fun and easy. I think I will do a pictorial next time I use a fan brush.

Goodnight for now, before my heads falls down on my laptop. He he…I bet you don’t want that πŸ˜› So buy and Happy Independence Day!!!!

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14 comments on “Indian Independence Day inspired Nail Art

  1. Hii setu ,ur nail artz are jst fabulous.ur really a artifex personality.i too was having interest in nail art during my college days bt due to my further studies it got vanished.bt nw aftr seeing ur nail artz i hav again developed my interest.well d credit goes to u.Thanx n m really lookin frwrd for more …….

    • Hi Priyanka, m so honoured to touch ur life in a positive way…i really wish ur passion in nail art revives…as dey say like true love, true passion can never b forgotten.
      If interested read my post “the story behind the nail art and beauty diaries”…do a search on the search tab of my blog or click on “thoughts” menu. I m sure u will b able to curself. Btw, where r u from ??

  2. You Have Described So Beautifully! And, Needless To Say, The Nail Art Too Is So Pwetty!

  3. […] Indian Independence Day inspired Nail Art (thenailartandbeautydiaries.wordpress.com) […]

  4. […] Indian Independence Day inspired Nail Art (thenailartandbeautydiaries.wordpress.com) […]

  5. nice use of textured polish to make like a mural on ur nails

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