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Dipped In Blue Glitter Nail Art

I am going glittery and sparky these days friends. There was a time when  I hated glitters and today I don’t seem to hate them as much. Although I would totally prefer absolute colors rather than shimmers and glitters.

Dipped in Blue Sparkle Nail Art

But the last package I got from US somehow contained most glitter polishes, ofcourse I made a conscious choice 😦 . I wanted to indulge in them before hating them, makes sense right? Nonetheless, nothing can reduce the hatred and displeasure it is to remove glitters off your nails. I have read numerous help posts but none seem to make my life easy. Anyways this is not a post on glitter polish but how I used it for nail art 😛

Dipped in Blue Sparkle Nail Art

This nail art was quite an easy one. I just used a black nail polish to color my nails. I wanted to get some contrast and classiness to my nail art. So I used a mattifying nail paint to suck out the shine. Ohh, I cant tell you how papery a black polish looks with matte top coat. Then I covered the tip of my nails with a blue chunky glittery paint that I am going to review soon Really, its a glitter blast. And thus I got this look.

Dipped in Blue Sparkle Nail Art

I enjoyed the look for a couple of days but then the fear of nasty experience of removing them sank in my heart. And yes the experience was not pleasant!! But this time may because I enjoyed the nail art, the pain associated with removal of glitters seemed a little less and worth 🙂

Dipped in Blue Sparkle Nail Art

My nails were like centre of attention all the while that I wore it 🙂 I guess the combination of blue and black brings that magic 🙂

Dipped in Blue Sparkle Nail Art

I guess at the end all the efforts, pains and tears have to justify them with some worth!! What say darlings? Is this nail art worth the pain and discomfort??


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