Curvy and Curly Stamped Nail Art in Gold

Girls, I am just getting into the stamping phase now. I got lots of stamping polish and plates. A few more than I needed, so maybe a few konad stamping will make way to my next blog sale coming very soon.

Anyways, I am practicing stamping these days and I will giving you an eye sore holding the exhibition of my entire practice session here. You know it always nice to look back from where you started. I still see my first nail art “The Royal Red” and smile at my self, for the kind of nail art I did, neatlessness and the kind of weird pictures I clicked. I was such a kid, not that I have learnt all now but I am definitely better. Maybe few days or months down the line (I don’t know how long I am going to take to get good at it). Or I am ever going to master this at all? I don’t know, I will let you and the time decide.

Curvy and Curly Stamped Gold Nail Art

Anyways, I used Maybelline Colorshow polishes to get this and of course a Konad Stamping Plate. The base color is ColorShow ‘Burried Treasure’ and I did stamp it with ColorShow ‘Bold Gold’.

Curvy and Curly Stamped

I used Konad Stamping Plate 51, which is one of my favs. I liked the design finally which I got after wasting a lot of polish and time. I hope they are worth. I also like the gorgeous shade of Maybelline ColorShow “Burned Treasure” which I used a base color.

Curvy and Curly Stamped Gold Nail Art

What do you guys say??


16 comments on “Curvy and Curly Stamped Nail Art in Gold

  1. Wow gorgeous! I love the combo with the gold stamping.

  2. loved the stamping…i never could do right with the stamping..may be u cud a post on that….

  3. this looks great πŸ™‚ loved the base color πŸ™‚

  4. I’m sooooo into stamping right now too.
    I actually love these colours together!

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  6. […] Curvy and Curly Stamped Nail Art in Gold (thenailartandbeautydiaries.wordpress.com) […]

  7. […] Curvy and Curly Stamped Nail Art in Gold (thenailartandbeautydiaries.wordpress.com) […]

  8. […] Curvy and Curly Stamped Nail Art in Gold (thenailartandbeautydiaries.wordpress.com) […]

  9. wwooooow!!! its pretty awesum.
    even i bought KONAD stamping set on SLASSY.COM.
    could never get it right 😦 yep horror only.. evn with lot of patience. friends plzz tel me any cheap brand nail polish (INDIA) wich can b used for stamping. i dont wanna waste the konad brand 2 colours in trying.

    • Hi Dear,First try stamping technique all together on paper with any nail paint. Just to get comfortable with angle and pressure.
      For nail polish, use pigmented polish like Colorama Black, Colorshow Black, Colorshow BoldGold to begin with. Colorbar mettalics are also good I heard. Try them and let me know if any other help needed.

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