Delicate Rose on Lavender Nail Art

Hi, I am still in my stamping trial and error zone. I really feel so frustrated at times when I don’t get designs correct on my nails!! I have gone on and off stamping endless number of times to get these flower on my nails.After like 5-6 attempts per nail, I managed this nail art and few drops of sweat on my forehead!! Phew!!

I used the Maybelline Color Show “Lavender Lies” as the base color. Then I stamped with “Black Konad Special Polish” . The image plate I used is I guess a dupe a Konad.

Roses on Lavender Nail Art

It was really task to get these roses correctly on my nails since I am terrible at this stuff. But the end look kinna made gave me “Worth It” feeling. I have collected 12 Konad Stamping Polish and 15 Konad Stamping plates and a few dupes. Woah! I have invested a lot in just one month and I better get good at it.

Roses on Lavender Nail Art

Because of the delicacy of the fragile looking rose and glossy shine of Maybelline ColorShow Lavender Lies , I got complements at work. And really, these are the kind of nail art you can fearlessly wear at work. They are not loud and make a statement!!

Roses on Lavender Nail Art

I had indulged in a major Konad Haul last month, in which I also bought the “Konad Clear Top Coat”. I must say I am impressed by it :).Β  Details will be provided in my coming posts reviewing this Top Coat.

Roses on Lavender Nail Art

Anyways, what do you guys feel, am I getting any better in stamping??? I really wish to do them well and befriend stamping. I can’t miss the gorgeous designs on konad stamping plates for lack of practice. I have a got a lot of nail polish and nail art stuff (A LOT) in the last couple of months so I have exciting times ahead πŸ™‚ . I purchased almost everything that was on my wish list in context to nails. Except the Indies and various confetti glitter polishes which are not available in India 😦

I hope with all the possible addition to my nail art inventory, I am able to amaze you guys with my coming nail arts πŸ™‚


20 comments on “Delicate Rose on Lavender Nail Art

  1. Yeah, lining the stamp perfectly can a be bitch!!!
    Great design!

  2. Beautiful! Love it!

  3. i feel the same way with stamping one day im great at it and the next i want to throw them all away. I guess practice makes perfect and I definitely need to try them more.

  4. this is lovely

  5. Look amazing. I’ve just returned to my set now and trying to master the ability to apply the stamps correctly.

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  7. woow!!! u are really getting it bettr i say. bt hw much did u practice?

    • ha ha… I really cant measure my progress in stamping!!! I goof up so much at times, while some days I am just bang on in first attempt. But in general, I am less scared of it now and yes, I did practice a bit.

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