Elegant French Red Nail Art

Girls I am loving french nail arts these days. They make your hand look so delicate, elegant and classy. You don’t need to have very long nails, just enough nails is fine. And since the time I have 2% Milk from Wet and Wild in my possession, I am falling for the more for french 🙂 🙂 .

Elegant French Red Nail Art

I have so many french based nail art designs n my head and I love doing them 🙂 . Really, I wish had 36 hours in a day, 24 hours for regular daily life and 12 hours dedicated for nail art 😛 . Back to nail art. I am not very friendly with stamping, but I was really feeling greedy for stamping. It did not come out perfectly though , and not very fine but considering my poor experience in stamping pardon me.

Elegant French Red Nail Art

Items Used and Tutorial:

  • Do the cutting, filing and cleaning of your nails. Apply base coat and allow it to try.
  • Apply a french base color on nails, I used Wet and Wild 2% Milk.

Sally Hansen Radiant Hands Nail & Cuticle Creme

  • Now do the french tip with white nail polish.
  • I chose a french based design on stamping plate. You can try out a free hand design as well.I used a red konad stamping polish , you can use any other color.
  • Do a top coat to save your work.
  • I used some nail glue to stick red rhinestone. You can use wet polish instead.

Elegant French Red Nail Art

Elegant French Red Nail Art

And now you are good to go. Isn’t it a pretty feminine design?? All the designs have not come out perfectly, but I am learning. I liked this nail art and hope that you do too.

Elegant French Red Nail Art

Pour in your love in form of comments and likes 🙂 And with Christmas round the corner, its great to have something red 🙂


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