Wild Flower Nail Art

Hi Sweets, I feel like I am talking to you after long long time. Though I managed to be regular in posting my articles last month but mostly all of them were scheduled. So practically all of them were written in November, so I kept on feeling disconnected to you entire december 😦 😦 . I really cannot explain how terrible that made me feel. Being honest, I missed connecting to you more than I had anticipated. I was and am hell like busy lately , family issues, health issues and office issues and what not.

Wild Flower Nail ARt

Anyways, I don’t want to share a depressing story here. I just want to share a happy nail art. I was totally about to skip doing a nail art due to the loss of control I am having on my schedule and health. But then day before I made it a point to leave office on time and zoomed to a parlour to feel sane again. I got a head massage and foot massage done. Trust me it helped me so much not only phyiscally but also mentally. I felt so light and relaxed and ‘human’ after that. I came home and created this nail art.

Wild Flower Nail ARt

Its a freehand nail art and I am happy with I did. I have not been able to create any pleasnt nail art for long time. And it was killing me internally but this was a breath of fresh air 🙂

Wild Flower Nail ARt

I decided to a tougher nail art than this but eventually wanted to do something which I could do for both hands. And here I am. A quick tutorial for benefit of all those who would want to try it.

Wild Flower Nail ARt

Wild Flower Nail Art Tutorial

  •  I used a NYX “First Dance” for first two coats.
  • Using nail art brush I painted some random leaves here and there on my nails.

Wild Flower Nail ARt

  • Using a light lemony yellow acrylic paint I highlighted those green leaves at places.

Wild Flower Nail ARt

  • Next is the fun part where I just made blobs of orange, pink and blue where you can envisage flowers.
  • Now I really cannot explain in words the next step because there is none. I just kept on mixing and dropping colors on the blobs till it looked liked flowers 🙂
  • Finished it with top coat and made myself happy 🙂

Wild Flower Nail ARt

I hope you enjoyed the nail art, beacuse its something I enjoyed after LONG. Pls let me know how you feel and sher your thoughts.


3 comments on “Wild Flower Nail Art

  1. Love the floral design. It is so pretty

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