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‘TheNailArtandBeautyDiaries.WordPress.com’ is now ‘NailArtandBeauty.com’!!

Hi Friends, I have been hibernating for a long time now 😛 . But I was not idle, I was working on something 🙂 🙂 .It has been an year I have been blogging at The NailArt and Beauty Diaries (https://thenailartandbeautydiaries.wordpress.com/) and finally I take the next step :).

It is because of your immense love in form of likes, comments and emails that I decided to upgrade the blog and hence your reading experience. I am happy to inform you that I have decided to move to my own self hosted website. Also, I went ahead and dropped the ‘The’, ‘Diaries’ and ‘WordPress.com’, so now our new blogs name is NailArt and Beauty (http://nailartandbeauty.com/) 🙂 🙂 . Isn’t it shorter and simpler 🙂

celebrate 2

I have moved all my posts and comments to  NailArt and Beauty (http://nailartandbeauty.com/) ,so that you don’t miss a thing. I will be turning on the redirect in a while, so that all the links ( from social media, other blogs or google search etc) pointing towards ‘The NailArt and Beauty Diaries’ get automatically redirected to my new blog  ‘NailArt and Beauty’ (http://nailartandbeauty.com/). So practically you wont feel any pinch or difference except a better reading experience and easier link :).

Celebrate 1

Wodpress is moving all the followers to my new blog.So, now all the email subscribers would get new post info email from  ‘NailArt and Beauty’ and all the ‘WordPress Reader’ followers should get it from ‘NailArt and Beauty’ in Reader. All the notifications will be from the new blog. Please do not panicked that my blog has been hijacked 😛 😛 . Its me!!!! 🙂 🙂


I Love reading your Comments and Reply to each one of them.Please share your thoughts here.

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