About The Blog

Hi lovely people, this is my den to showcase my aesthetic nail art experiences and enlighten readers on few other topics like product reviews and DIY Beauty. I am extremely fond of nail art and I really love my nails (I can tolerate a cut on my finger but not a chip on my nails..Seriously!! )
Being in India nail art is not an easy journey. Here, either most of the nail art products are unavailable, not easily available or very expensive. So through my blog I would make an honest effort to help you enter the world of nail art with more of interest than investments. I am a huge fan of “DIY” concept, so would be giving you nail art ideas and tutorials with stuff you already have around you. I would also help you with ideas to get easy on pocket nail art tools.

What do I aim to achieve with this blog?

Aim of Blog Picture 1

Hopefully I will be able to encourage girls for nail art who have at least some inclination towards it and try inclining others towards it :P.  Trust me girls; it often only seems more complicated than it actually is. People around me often ask “How do I find so much time?”…so beauties know one thing you will ALWAYS find time for things that actually matter to you, it’s all about priorities. I am full time Business Analyst working in an IT company and married for about 2 years and “YES” I do make time for Nail Art without upsetting my office or home. Each one of you can do this.

Why Now?

Why Now
When I was in two minds about whether to write this blog or share my nail art, a friend of mine who has recently picked up a Bharatnatyam classes in Singapore (she never did this whilst she was in India till the last year :P) just said this to me…”Do it, if that is what makes you feel happy and good about yourself. I do not know if I dance well or not, I only know that it makes me happy”. That’s when I realized I am on the right track, so many of you may be better than me at this, may not completely like my ideas/designs but I am sure few here will able to connect with it.

What was the driving force to start this blog ?

The Driving Force
When I started with nail art, I was desperately looking for help, often in form of blogs, but the ones that I found, if any, were very limited in Indian context. There are amazing blogs present on Nail art, way better than mine; but almost all of them are US, UK based where cosmetics and nail art stuffs are available and affordable. Here, I will be laying my hands on the Indian version of nail art….as per products and brands available here.
So sit back and enjoy your journey to the Nail Art planet which won’t be heavy on your pocket.

Is it a Nail Art Blog?

Is It a Nail Art Blog

Although I am obsssesed with Nai Art, this is not only a nail art blog. I try my best to enlighten the readers with alternative to beauty sources that have amused me for years, Do It Yourself skin care which I am practicing and feel are worth are spreading a word about, product reviews about amazing products which I am loving and also making my beautyful readers beware of the not so good ones. I would make attempts to draw your attention to both inner beauty and outer beauty.I indeed am a deep thinker who analyses life and would love to share my learnings with you :). I am more of a Why? How ?When ?Where ?Who ? type of a curious mind, I examine things to belive them and I question things to undersatnd them.

I am more like your girl next door who is crazy about nail art, makeup and Do It Yourself beauty. I am inquisitive by nature and so I experiment a lot to seek answers to all the curious hunches I have about my passion. Welcome to my laboratory at The Nail Art and Beauty Diaries.

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6 comments on “About The Blog

  1. Hello! I love reading your blog, and I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award 🙂
    If you’d like to accept the nomination, please read this post: http://fairytalenailart.wordpress.com/2013/05/04/versatile-blogger-award/.

  2. Hey, I see you’ve already gotten this, but I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award:
    Just wanted you to know that I love your blog and your super cute nails!

  3. Hey, thats a very cute blog and an awesome concept. Loved your nail art, v.v. creative.

  4. hey hii!! I was wondering if you are intrested for a nail art challenge just for fun check it out here !

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