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Inglot Gel Eyeliner AMC Shade No 83

Hi Girls, there are two make up product I love the most. One is obviously nail polish and the other is kohls. I have been ‘awwed’ by beautiful pigmented kohls since ages. When I read Inglot has range of colored gel liners, my heart started pounding faster 🙂 . But I wanted to buy it after trying and not online. So I waited to visit an outlet on my own. Finally when I went to Delhi I pestered my  hubby to visit Saket Mall where I could both shop Sephora and Inglot outlet 🙂 🙂 . What happened after that is not a mystery 😛 😛

Inglot Gel Eyeliner AMC Shade No 83

What Company Claims : Long-lasting, waterproof formula.Can be used as an eye shadow or body painting gel.Brush number 30T is recommended for eyeliner application. PARABEN FREE FORMULA . NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS

Quantity and Price : Rs 850/- for 5.5 gms

Ingredients : 

Inglot Gel Eyeliner AMC Shade 83

Packaging :  It comes in transparent sturdy plastic packaging. It comes in a tub as you can see. A brush doesnt  come with and needs to be purchased.

My Experience:

After Maybelline gel liners I was totally gaga over these gels and would always sulk about non availability of other vibrant colors in India. So when I saw Ingot with so many colors, I felt my prayers were heard.The color of the liner is so gorgeous that I totally fell for it at first sight. This is an a bright a bright indigo color with purple undertones. This will suit any Indian complexion. After purchasing this, I kept it unused for  a month approx since I couldn’t find an occasion to put it on. I was waiting for a perfect occasion to try them but later when it became irresistible, I wore it to work 🙂 🙂 . Needless to say, I received lovely compliments.

The consistency of the gel is bit thinner or wetter than the Maybelline gel liner. It is a bit easier to get on the brush and work with. I feel more convenient giving shapes to my eyes with this. But one has to be careful while picking it up on brush since a lot may come out with a little effort. You need a bit more of the inglot gel than maybelline to get the same opaqueness. The reason is that the consistency is not as thick/hard as Maybelline. So when you get more gel on brush there is a risk of not all the gel getting evenly spread. And the places where the gel is more will get slightly lumpy. But this is not a major problem as the probability is not high and impact of this is quite low to be notice.
The gel dries quickly so you don’t have to sit stoned after application 🙂 .

Application as Eyeliner : It is perfect to be applied as an eyeliner. There is vast variety of color you can play with. And the consistency allows to you do lot of creative work. The drying time is quick also. The finish of the gel liner is matte which adds to the classy appeal. It stays 6 hours or so. The sad part is , it doesn’t fade away but crumbles away.

Inglot AMC Gel Liner Shade 83 without Flash
Application as Kohl (on waterline) : I bought this with the sheer greed to apply it as a kohl. The color was intense and consistency was workable which overwhelmed me. But due to the wetter (sorry I do not know a better word to describe this) consistency as compared to the Maybelline gel liners, the major part of drying happens after application. So when I applied it on waterline, the drying part irritated me. I wear contact lenses so I have to be extra careful. Occasionally the dry crumbs would into eyes and irritate me. Although the problem is not very major but any discomfort with an organ as delicate as eyes gives you tears (pun intended) .
Pros :

  • One of the very few colored gel liners people in India can lay hands on
  • Softer consistency compliments creativity
  • This color will suit all Indian Tones
  • Although it is from the “Blue” family with which the market is flooded these days, the ‘indigo-purple’ shade is a rare find.
  • The quantity is more as compared to other gel liners available in the market.
  • Matte finish distinguishes it from the crowd and makes it looks classy
  • Perfect for both office wear and party wear.
  • Long Staying
  • Doesn’t smudge at all.
  • Doesn’t bleed through corner of your eyes
  • Very little is required so will be on your side for very long time


  • A bit pricey (Rs 850 exclusive of brush) if you want to try experimenting colors
  • Gets flaky and crumbles after 6-7 hours (I mean it comes off in small patches and doesn’t fade evenly)
  • Micro particles may fall in eye occasionally if you apply on waterline
  • The gel cracks over a period of time (as seen on other beauty blogs)
  • You may need to invest in “Duraline” which will revitalize the gellish consistency (the SA told me the ‘Duraline’ can be used to turn eye shadow to similar gel to be used as gel liner :))
  • Doesn’t come with a brush

Will I repurchase Inglot AMC Gel Liner Shade 83 ?

I don’t see it getting over for another year, so no question of repurchase till then 😛
Will I suggest others Inglot AMC Gel Liner Shade 83 to others? 

Yes, if you are bored of black then this line of colored gel are a must have. It may be a bit pricier but quantity and color range justifies it.

Overall Rating : 4/5 (-1 for drying out on eyes)


Sweet Geisha Nail Art

Hi Girls, nail decals are very in these days and so I went ahead and got a lot of them 😛 . Ya more than possibly I could use 😛 . I had a terrible nail accident the other day (I exaggerate  anything when it comes to nails) . On my way back from work, I boarded an auto rickshaw, now you know how bumpy our roads are and how Schumacher our auto drivers are . The driver took a steep turn and to save myself from falling, I pounced on the bar ahead of me, when I hit my nail on the stupid drivers seat 😦 😦 😦 .

Geisha Nail Art

I was almost was heart broke when my nail art friends ‘Tea bag Method’ to save the split nails. And after 5 minutes of ‘Operation Tea Bag’ in ICCU, my nails were on ‘Ventilator’ . Atleast now I wont have to trim down all nails, I shortened them though. Its a life saviour, Google it interested. Anyhow  with short nails I could not do better than this. I was also feeling a bit low and was in no mood to do lot of artistic work here.

Geisha Nail Art

So here I am using Geisha Nail Water Decals on all my fingers. And Color Show Constant Candy on my ring finger . I did 2 coats faces ‘Hollywood’ which is multi color glitter polish in transparent base. I will review it soon 🙂 . Ohh and I forgot to mention the bright yellow is ‘Sunshine’ from Maybelline Colorshow.

Geisha Nail Art

Let me know how you feel about the nail art. I did this early morning before going to work!!! It really is quick and fun :). Do you feel the same???


Maybelline Color Show Keep up the flame Nail Polish Review

With new year just beginning, I want to start with a party and bright color nail polish review. And with this dashing red, I hope you paint the town red. I have another gorgeous edgy nail polish swatch to share today. The name keep-up-the-flame is true to what you can expect out of this color. It is indeed fiery and flamy. I am not a ‘Red’ person but this is a different red. It is loud, ofcourse but that it is what makes this color stand out in crowd.

Maybelline ColorShow keep-up-the-flame Polish


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Tip Top Angel Sherbet Nail Polish Review

Hi Ladies, this polish was long lost in my review list and I so much regret to share it with you so late. I had applied it months back but slipped to post review of it. It is another gorgeous creation from Tip Top, my my they know their job so well. They are one of the best finish nail polish in my collection.

I am so guilty of not posting this review earlier, I got them for review long back!! Anyways, better late than never. Let us see how this polish has faired.

Tip Top Sherbet Angel Nail Polish Review

About Tip Top :The Tip Top brand was established in 1981.  The philosophy behind Tip Top was to develop a brand of  nail colour & treatments that comprised of the following attributes & characteristics:  Durability, Innovation, Toxin & Cruelty Free. Visit their website here.

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Elegant French Red Nail Art

Girls I am loving french nail arts these days. They make your hand look so delicate, elegant and classy. You don’t need to have very long nails, just enough nails is fine. And since the time I have 2% Milk from Wet and Wild in my possession, I am falling for the more for french 🙂 🙂 .

Elegant French Red Nail Art

I have so many french based nail art designs n my head and I love doing them 🙂 . Really, I wish had 36 hours in a day, 24 hours for regular daily life and 12 hours dedicated for nail art 😛 . Back to nail art. I am not very friendly with stamping, but I was really feeling greedy for stamping. It did not come out perfectly though , and not very fine but considering my poor experience in stamping pardon me.

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Sally Hansen Radiant Hands Nail & Cuticle Creme Review

I always keep a tube of Hand and Nail cream in office drawer. I apply them whenever my hands feel dry , whenever I wash my hands or whenever I feel pampering my hands n nails. I feel very inclined towards applying hand and nail cream due to amazing feeling it gives to my hands. I wash my hands sometimes just that I don’t feel guilty of applying the cream again and again 😛 .
Now, I have always wanted to keep two hand and nail creams, one at office drawer and the other on my bed side table. We spend most of our awake hours in office so keeping it in office is a wise thing. But I also feel like applying it before I go to bed. And I definitely miss it on holidays.
So with the position of my night hand and nail cream being vacant for so long, I pounced on this in no time.

Sally Hansen Radiant Hands Nail & Cuticle Creme

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Maybelline Color Show Blue Berry Ice Review

I am back with another cute color to share with you today 🙂 . I used this as a base color for my Welcome Winter Nail Art and this color really did not let me down. I did not have this color in my collection so I am glad to have it.

Maybelline ColorShow BlueBerry Ice Nail Polish Review

About Maybelline Color Show : Stay right on trend from your tips to your toes with new Maybelline Color Show. Our gel based formula with color popping pigments, comes in 40 bold, super stylish shades that look great on nails. So go on, mix, match and make the most of color.

Quantity and Price: 6ml for Rs 75

Maybelline ColorShow BlueBerry Ice Nail Polish Review

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